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|| elk: a tale to tell ||


Posted on August 22 2014

Elk Accessories Summer “Tales to Tell” … A colourful tale of a bold statement style. Where do we start our love story with Elk? We have been stocking Elk in our High Street store for five stylish years now and with each passing season we continue to be amazed and inspired. We have loved seeing the brand evolve without compromising their signature style - simple yet sophisticated, with clean lines and  silhouettes. Their colour palate in past seasons have been inspired by woodland landscapes, sunsets over the ocean and even a field of rusty farm sheds. This colour use combined with their devotion to using fine, quality raw materials sourced from all corners of the globe is just an example of why we continue to crush on Elk. Their latest campaign “Tales to Tell” will be hitting our High Street store mid August and we can’t wait to show you what the Elk team have brought to the table this season! The new collection celebrates summer with the range being saturated in bold hits of Acid Yellow, Tangerine, Duck Egg Blue and our number one prediction for summer, Sage Green. What the willows team love about Elk is that it is easy to wear, comfortable, affordable and instantly recognisable. We are sure you are going to love it as much as we do!! The range is launching next week at our High St store and keep an eye on social media as for the first time Elk have announced they are releasing “Second Summer” which is due to hit in October ..keep your eyes peeled for some sneaky shots of whats to come! V

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