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|| artist interview: lisa lapointe ||


Posted on January 13 2015

Our first new artist for 2015, Lisa Lapointe is an Artist from Sydney who has worked with pencil to create a series of vibrant colourful prints . Recently spotted on Network 10's the Home Show with Julia Green she was gracious enough to be a part of our Q&A on the Willows Blog where we asked about her work.

Willows: Thanks for being a part of our blog, would you mind introducing yourself and telling us what you do?

Lisa: I am Lisa Lapointe, Sydney based pencil artist. I love colour, the sound of summer and the smell of rain. My favourite season is Winter as that is when colours seem their purest. My daughter Kiki and partner Mitchell make my heart shine bright.

W: We are in love with your latest print series, what themes did you explore?

I am inspired by spiritual, religious and indigenous mythology - with a particular slant to shamanic practice. I listened to a lot of Terence McKenna whilst drawing this body of work. His philosophies inspired new perspectives on how to make sense of spiritual and religious material that I was taught in my childhood. It was a kind of intelligent deconstruction of some very flat and rigid institutional 'facts'. I have enjoyed the journey and the dreaming beyond the confines of everyday western society pressures and behaviours. It has been healing and empowering - I want my drawings to gift this on to the viewer.

W: We are currently featuring the inspired Totem:Orb on our walls, is there a story behind this piece?

L: Totem:Orb is my depiction of the Guardian Angel figure. It is serene and nurturing. In both East and Western cultures it is believed that the guardian angels serve to guard and protect whichever person is assigned to them.  So essentially if you find the Totem:Orb on your wall you have called upon this guardian angel entity.

W: It's the first time we have had a pencil artist show in store, can you tell us about this technique?

L: I only use prismacolor pencils as they are vibrant and intense. I like the rawness of my technique - you only get one go - there is no going over it or making changes or covering up mistakes - you learn to embrace imperfections - it's raw, hard up work - which makes it quite fragile and revealing. The colouring application itself is slow – meditative work. I love the intimacy of each stroke. You must be present all the time.

W: How do you work? Do you have a ritual to get you in the art making mood?

L: Coffee is a good start. Meditation is also an essential to my art practice. I feel like I never actually leave my creative head space. I live there – constantly constructing and deconstructing my life into my own coded prismatic language. There is no clocking on or clocking off – its just a constant.

W: Where would we find you when you are not in the studio?

L: Not far from my home. I love my home and my family. I am becoming more and more of a recluse.

W: Plans for 2015?

L: At this stage it is to just keep drawing out the images inside my head and see where they take me. For me, the most important thing is to stay fiercely dedicated to my drawing – from there anything can happen and opportunities will naturally open up. I released a range of cushions through Sparkk textiles late last year. I will be looking at expanding more into textiles this year.

W: Do you have a dream project?

L: I'd like to produce my own range of pencils.

Thanks Lisa. You can find her works lining the walls at the Darby St store. For sizes and prices please jump online at

(Image courtesy of Greenhouse Interiors)







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