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|| artist interview: danielle cross ||


Posted on October 17 2014

We took 5 with Danielle Cross, one of the exciting new artists to grace our walls. She gave us the low down about her latest work and life as an artist. Willows: Welcome to Willows! Could you please tell us who you are and what you do? Danielle: Sydney born and based abstract visual artist with background in Interior Design. Mum to Marley & Evy Jude, Wife to ex Rugby League & Rugby Union Player. I'm crazy, passionate, hectic, structured, layered, Aries! W: What is your latest series about, what themes did you explore? D: The 'X' series explores our historical, symbolic and primitive connections to how love and happiness are individually defined. This visual art journey took me into the history of ‘X’ and looked at the ancient symbol that it was, for change, movement and transformation. It’s long association with the unknown.  X represented our sworn oath and signature, which historically was sealed with a kiss. This defining moment in time lead us to its symbolic meaning which is used today. This art process also explored the meaning and definition of love and happiness, both culturally and emotionally. Happiness is a moving current which is ever changing. Its energy continuously moves toward our individual goals. It connects the concept of change and transformation, to our own personal search for contentment! Ultimately we want to love, be loved, understand what it is to be happy and feel our instinctual connection to life! W: We are excited to have ‘Wild Direction’ on our walls, is there a story behind this piece? 'D: Wild Direction' is a dynamic, abstract, textural, emotive and expressive artwork. My inspirations and motivations are seen and felt in unexpected moments. The magic that happens in our everyday lives when we let ourselves go and experience its colour, shape, line and form! The Wildness and crossroads in direction that we all face daily! W: Can you tell us about your art making process? D: My studio is always hectic in a structured way that I really feel is seen through the process in my artworks. There is so much crazy layering and texture that goes into the works that often come from a emotive place. Then I totally change the process to a somewhat structured outcome, a very systematic peeling back and exposing... W: How did you become part of the Greenhouse Interiors team? D: I have always aspired to be a part of such a dynamic and on trend team. Greenhouse just seem to be the right fit and Julia really saw something in the current works that has resonated with so many. W: What's next? Do you have a dream project? D: So many things, that change daily!, I have a strong belief that art should be accessible so just want to keep on going and see where this great journey takes me. A new conceptual exhibition at the beginning of 2015 I believe I'm living my dream project of being able to create for a living! So glad to be apart of the Willows Home Traders team! Thanks Danielle, we are glad to have you!


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