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|| artist + designer interview: rachel kennedy ||


Posted on November 21 2014

Designer, artist, mother and lover of love Rachel Kennedy is a Sydney based artist whose whimsy watercolours we love. Her designs are full of feel-good affirmations and make us dream a little bigger and love a little louder as we ponder them on our walls. We loved taking 5 with Rachel and getting some insight into her inspirations, life and big love. Willows: Thanks for taking the time Rachel, could you please tell us about your latest series of works and your ideas behind them? Rachel: We had such a great response to our first series of art prints that we really wanted to release the new designs with the same positive messages. Love is such a powerful affirmation and we chose to explore that across the pieces as well continue with watercolour in fresh, new colours.  W: What path lead you to what you are going today? R: I have a background in graphic design but I found that working for other people left me wanting a little more creative freedom. Slowly Jarrod encouraged me to create a range of cards, which led to our first stockists who we then developed certain things for. It has grown from those early stages into what we offer now. Jarrod really does the majority of the work running our business and really does a great job making my little ideas happen.  W: Can you tell us about your art making practice? R: The process is really very simple. After painting the base I make it into a digital copy and do any retouching that needs to happen and then add text with editing software. I've found the time is in the concept and painting - something we are excited to work with.  W: There is a theme of love in your work, what great love(s) have inspired you? R:  I find that approaching life with the characteristics of love is what speaks volumes to me. I love my husband and little girls and I love the ocean and lush, green foliage. They are different kinds of love but they all increase my capacity.. allow my thoughts to wonder, they fill me with energy. Yep, they inspire me. W: Whats next? Do you have a dream project? R: We have new prints in the works that are quite different to what we've done up until now. We've also been approached to do some collaborations which is pretty fun. I'm looking into doing a bit of study and that will hopefully fine tune some skills. I would love to restore a little beach shack somewhere along the coast and fill it with original artwork. I don't know that I could say I have a dream project but I definitely feel like i'm living the dream. Thanks Rachel, you can shop her designs on our web store here x

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