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A Newcastle Weekender...


Posted on March 30 2015

With the buzz of Julia Green heading our way for her Styling Masterclass we thought we would bring you a hit list, of all the good reasons to spend a weekend in Newcastle!  So, if you are needing to seal the deal on why you should head our way on the weekend of April 17th - stay tuned this week as we bring you our favourite places to eat, drink, sleep, swim and shop! Let's kick things off with a nod to the Hunt & Gather Markets - conveniently held the morning after JG comes to town.  After you have spent the evening getting style savvy, there is no better place to cruise into your Saturday morning than at Newcastle's best boutique and fashion markets.  Held at Pacific Park in Newcastle's East End (read close to the beach), you can check out some of the areas up and coming creatives and makers.  In their own words: "We love to shop. We love the thrill of the hunt. We love discovering new things. We love meeting new people. We love live music. We love design. We love local. We love meeting the talent behind the creation. We love really good food. We love the sun, the beach and laying in the shade of big ol' trees...  "


Saturdays have never sounded so good!  See you there! xx


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